Modern Tank Collection Roadmap - Advanced Tank Controller

Advanced Tank Controller Roadmap

This page serves as an active roadmap for Yarrawah Interactives Advanced Tank Controller Blueprint, used in collaboration with Gerhald3D’s military assets. These updates will be released over time, with all tanks having feature-parity.

The advanced tank controller has received multiple updates. View the advanced tank controller changelog here.

Active Features

  • Replication – All features are multiplayer ready
  • Destruction – Tanks can shoot at each other, and be destroyed. Each tank has it’s own unique destructible static mesh with dynamic texture variations. Bonus impact decal with variations included.
  • High Texel Density – 5 Separate Material Slots + 2 Wheel Slots ensure maximum visual fidelity
  • Demo Desert Level
  • Advanced PHYSX based tank controller for satisfying and realistic tank movement
  • UV Animated Tracks
  • Physically simulated accessories (antenna’s, latches)
  • Skeleton with an appropriate track, suspension, and wheel hierarchy
  • Sound Effects – Idle, Engine, Cannon, Machine Gun, Impact, Projectile Woosh, Explosions, Fire, Weapon Turn etc.
  • Turret and Weapon control with collision avoidance for the tank body
  • Animated Cannon Recoil
  • Weapon Component – Easy customization of effects and sounds
  • Projectile Component – Easy customization of effects and sounds (Includes bonus 203mm shell model)
  • Togglable Lights
  • Track Decals
  • Particle effects – Impact (Missle, Machine Gun, Dirt, Metal etc.), Firing, Dust, Exhaust, Fire, Weapon Trails etc.

Planned Features – January 2022

  • UI elements and Indicators for weapons
  • 1:1 real-world speeds/handling, e.g. max speeds, angles etc. based off designs – Complete
  • Improved VFX – Complete
  • Improved sounds overall – Complete
  • Extended track logic and physics for the default controller
  • Entering/Exiting tanks
  • Destroyed variations and effects – Complete
  • Extremely Basic Enemy AI for target practice
  • Interiors
  • Better Collison Models

Known Issues

  • Tank tracks require refinement to be more physically accurate
  • Falling or Edge detection is absent, may lead to undesirable outcomes