High detailed tank asset by Gerhald3d


Yarrawah Interactive is pleased to announce, that we will be collaborating with Gerhald3D, to port and publish his entire military library to the Unreal Engine!
We will be working hard to provide a game-ready, standardized tank vehicle controller. This will include replication, physics-based driving, basic combat mechanics, and more! This will eventually be expanded to include planes and other military vehicles as well.

The tanks are being reworked with new skeletons and rigs that are compatible with existing tank plugins and feature sets commonly used with Unreal Engine!

What does this mean for customers?
For all things Unreal, these products will be found on the Unreal MarketplaceArtstationGumroad, and CubeBrush!
If you’re already a customer of Gerhald3D, contact us with a receipt, for a free upgrade: yarrawah.interactive@gmail.com
If you’re just shopping around, Gerhald3D’s 3D DCC products will still be available on his CGTrader and TurboSquid marketplaces.

What does this mean for Yarrahwah Interactive?
Yarrahwah will simply be handling the Unreal Engine versions of the products, including support, updates, documentation etc.
These assets will be upgraded to Unreal Engine V when marketplace support is officially announced.

What does this mean for Gerhald3D?
Gerhald3D will maintain his independence as an artist and distributor, and keep working to deliver the quality his customers have come to expect.
This collaboration allows us both to grow and flourish, and we look forward to producing AAA game-ready products our customers can rely on!

Thank you! We are looking forward to a productive 2022!